HIPIN (High Performance Insulation Based on Nanostructured Encapsulation of Air) is developing a sustainable and cost-effective route to a nanostructured aerogel to improve thermal efficiency of buildings. The goal of the project is to obtain high insulation performance compared to conventional construction materials by the development of a high performance nano-based material that can be applied to new build or retrofit, at modest thicknesses (from less than 1mm up to 10cm), which can supplement the thermal performance of a wall without requiring tens or hundreds of cm of insulation material. To this end, the aerogel made in the project is being incorporated into paint, plaster and panels for building applications.

Some of the key objectives of this project have been:

  • Development of aerogel building blocks which enable stronger aerogels to be manufactured, with thermal conductivity at least 10 times lower than commonly used construction insulation materials.
  • Development of an aerogel production route of lower cost, exploiting the fact that the aerogels are now more robust.
  • Development of new commercially viable technology to mix the aerogels into the paint, plaster, and panel insulation systems, and apply the systems to buildings.

Demonstrators showcasing the technology of using aerogels in paint, plaster, and panel insulation systems have been set up under this project at Envipark, Turin.