Partner 5: Vimark, Italy (SME)


Vimark is a Piemontese enterprise that manufactures materials, systems and provides services for specialized customers in the building industry for the past 30 years. Vimark produce powder dry premixed materials and have expertise to carry out research and development of new powder dry products/systems for the construction sector. The uncreasingly evolving building industry have allowed them to successfully take part in numerous building interventions and to propose a comprehensive range of products able to resolve all problems. Vimark has a strong focus on research, industrial production and marketing, enabling them to be competitive nationally and internationally. Vimark created more than one hundred products in modern, fully automated and robotized systems, designed for both old and new constructions, with particular attention to restoration work for the preservation of buildings of historic and artistic interest: a contribution towards innovation respectful of the traditions of the vast building world.


While the paint type approach will focus on thin insulating coating systems, a rendering type matrix will allow production of thicker insulating coatings and investigation of the influence of the coating thickness on thermal performance. The major task for Vimark will be in WP3 as they will provide powder dry premixed materials to develop the rendering nanocomposite system. Vimark will contribute to research and development of new powder dry products/systems according to the objectives of this project. Furthermore they will be involved in the development of suitable application methods to apply the rendering coating on typical surfaces of buildings (WP4).