Partner 4: Thomas Swan, UK (SME)


Founded in the United Kingdom in 1926, Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is a leading independent family owned SME manufacturer of performance and speciality chemicals. The company manufactures over 100 products, from kilogramme to multi-tonne quantities, and offers an experienced and flexible custom manufacturing service. With offices in the USA and China and a global network of distributors, Thomas Swan exports to over 80 countries worldwide and is well placed to service the UK and international markets. Thomas Swan was one the first chemical companies to be certified to ISO 14001, 9001.


Once TWI has developed a lab scale technology that produces aerogels with the desired mechanical and thermal performance, there are still requirements for a major piece of work involving scale up production for the novel sol gel precursors that will be involved. Thomas Swan is well placed to cover this task, and will work on the formulation of the lab scale sol gel material, provided by TWI, in order to produce it in larger quantities. The scaled up material will be then provided to Airglass for plant production of the aerogel system. Thomas Swan's main task will be carried out as part of WP2 and will be appropriately coordinated with the other relevant WPs. Thomas Swan have extensive experience of collaborating with TWI.