Partner 3: Orient Research, Turkey (SME)


Orient Research is a multi-disciplinary consulting company that encompasses design, engineering and project management of buildings and structures, particularly in Europe, Middle East and Africa; with particular specialism in high seismic zones. As a firm they are always interested in innovation and involving new technologies in their work and guiding their clients into the use of new technological materials for construction. In Turkey, there is a large market for construction products and services. The company provides consultancy services in architectural design, civil engineering, structural engineering (particularly in the seismic assessment, destructive and non-destructive testing, retrofit design and design of buildings), highway engineering, bridge engineering, geotechnical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, topographical surveys, project management, construction supervision, business development services, forensic engineering, material application research and other related services.


Orient Research will primarily contribute to the tasks outlined in WP6 as they can assist in the most suitable means of applying this new insulating material onto existing buildings. They have been active in the design, specification and supervision of construction of various types of insulating materials of new and retrofit of existing buildings. Therefore they can also assist in the development of practical application methods for the materials developed, including trials on existing building. They will also contribute to the performance testing of the HIPIN products.