Partner 8: Methodo, Italy (SME)


Methodo Srl was founded in 1979 and operates in the construction and renovation sector, manufacturing insulation and humidity isolation panels. Their current production facility exceeds an area of 300 square meters and they are a leader in Europe in the field of ventilated walls and thermal insulation. Currently their turnover is about 1.2 Million Euro in 2008 with 4 workers and 2 external collaborators. The company is recognised all over the world for the quality of its humidity isolation panels for ventilated walls. The panels manufactured at Methodo are built with advanced materials and a smart layout and can easily be fastened to external building walls. With these panels Methodo has covered more than 500 private and public buildings all over the town of Turin.


Methodo is interested in the new technology HIPIN developed across the proposed R&D work programme, including the economic and technical analysis of the solutions developed and tested during the project. They will be capable of incorporating and testing HIPIN technology products on their insulating panels for the improvement of energy efficiency in new and restored buildings.