Partner 2: Envipark, Italy (RTO)


Environment Park was founded in 1996 by Regione Piemonte, Comune di Torino, with the support of the EU. The Park plays a prominent role in transferring advanced solutions and innovative technologies to small and medium sized enterprises settled within the Region. This is also achieved through significant participation to special projects, providing specific training activities and the organization of thematic events. The principal activities of Environment Park are in the field of Sustainable (Eco-) building, energy and eco-efficient surface treatment by low environmental impact nano-technologies. These three action areas also refer to the three specific Environment Park RTD divisions. Environment Park constitutes a reference testing site for eco-building solutions and Environment Park premises themselves have been built on the base of green building and sustainable criteria. Environment Park is the natural site for testing and providing highly efficient solutions for eco-building, which can be experimentally tested for functionality, reliability, stability and efficiency assessment as well as analysed according to the international standards for measuring their environmental footprint. Environment Park integrates competences in different scientific disciplines: Chemistry, Solid State Physics, Plasma Physics, Material Science, Architecture, and Engineering.


Envipark is specialised in Research, Development and Technological Transfer (R&D-TT) of innovative solutions for industry. Therefore in HIPIN project they will cover the key testing trials to evaluate and validate the thermal and added functionalities performance across all the experimental R&D stages of the project (WP2, WP3 and WP4). Assessment of the proposed solutions will provide input at development stage in order to comply with eco-design criteria.

A further major role for Envipark will be also in WP6. Their consolidated expertise in the field of eco-building will be exploited in the demonstration activity as Environment Park can host beta test solutions directly applied to existing Park buildings or to realise specific demonstrator for assessing feasibility and efficiency of targeted solutions.