Partner 7: Arup, UK (LE)


Arup is a global organisation providing engineering design, planning and project management services in all areas of the built environment. Arup have over 10,000 staff in offices throughout the world, an annual turnover in excess of £500 million and provide a multi-disciplinary service with technical excellence at its heart. Arup has a global skills network and award winning knowledge management systems which ensure rapid access to global expertise across all our disciplines. It also has a dedicated Research and Development group, within which the work on this project will be centred. They strive to deliver new thinking and research excellence to support clients' projects and aspirations and view their research capabilities as filling the gaps between current best practice and the needs and aspirations of future business.


Arup have extensive and consolidated expertise to cover the tasks outlined in WP5. Their knowledge in building physics will be exploited to develop a theoretical model that will inform the experimental R&D work that will be carried out in this project. The analysis will make use of bespoke in-house dynamic thermal modelling tools that are well suited to quantify impact on heating and cooling as a function of key input parameters. The data generated from the model will support the experimental development stages of the HIPIN Nano composite material. In turn, feedback from the experimental work will be taken into account by Arup in order to further develop the model, to create an increasingly valuable tool to assist development within the project. Although Arup's involvement will be throughout the project, their resource allocation is relatively modest because they will be modifying existing models to make them suitable for the HIPIN project, rther than creating major new models.