Partner 6: AkzoNobel, Netherlands (LE)


The AkzoNobel group of companies is the UK, European and global leading manufacturer of decorative paints and coatings. They are one of the few decorative paint companies that have both polymer synthesis and paint and coating formulation expertise at laboratory, semi-technical and plant scale. Their Global Decorative Research & Decorative Product Expertise Groups will provide resources and expertise for all exploratory, developmental and implementation phases of the work to be accomplished with seamless transition between the phases.


The aerogel material developed in WP2 requires the incorporation into a suitable matrix in order to be applied in a liquid form on surfaces of buildings. This will be carried out in WP3 and AkzoNobel are well placed to cover all the aspects of incorporating the aerogel system into a paint matrix. Their polymer and decorative paint semi-technical and plant scale manufacture facilities will allow formulation of a range paint systems, including waterborne and radiation curable options. The paints will be investigated focusing on dispersion and stability of the aerogel materials using established and novel surfactant/stabilisers and mini-emulsion technology. The influence of the other paint components, such as latex binders, primary pigments, extenders, thickeners, antifoams and tinters will also be studied within a variety of paint product architectures. Scale up tasks of the nanocomposite system will be carried together with the investigation and a range of suitable ways of applying the nanocomposite materials on the outside of buildings.